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Welcome to Insult-o-Matic, the website where you come to get the most insulting and offensive comments on earth. We have enough insults, put-downs, come-backs and rants to occupy you for the rest of your life. Be prepared to be severely insulted! Insult-o-Matic is not for the weak at heart, the easily offended, or children. If you fall under this category, please leave now! ...otherwise choose a mode to get started.

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If nothing else, you are a dog humping unwanted bugger who controls the body of the smelly crotched turkey brain and the dweeby monkey.
Everybody thinks you are a ugly dog humping peach cobbler who smells like the dirty yeast infection and the moldy sock devouring blueberry.
You are a foul moronic nincompoop who eats the earwax of the mauled eunuch and the sewer dwelling pisshead.
Thou art a two bit belligerent blockhead who sniffs the vile drunk and the dandruff licking cannibal.
You sniff your armpits for fun, you psychotic mildew gulping twat who is jealous of the filthy whoreslut and the abysmal skumbag.
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