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Welcome to Insult-o-Matic, the website where you come to get the most insulting and offensive comments on earth. We have enough insults, put-downs, come-backs and rants to occupy you for the rest of your life. Be prepared to be severely insulted! Insult-o-Matic is not for the weak at heart, the easily offended, or children. If you fall under this category, please leave now! ...otherwise choose a mode to get started.

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Your significant other is a dog humping godforsaken cockroach who bows down to the necropheliac tuff-noggin and the arse-licking butthead.
You are a mindless hypocritical tool who yells at the unsavory pus hole and the airheaded telemarketer.
You lift your leg on trees, you toilet-bowl licking cunt licking sperm-bank who wants to be the mindless genital wart and the cross-dressing dip shit.
If nothing else, you are a ugly snot loving dickwad who plays with the slime spewing nincompoop and the vile Rush Limbaugh wannabe.
Go defile a rock, you snooty ugly potato sucker who seduces the butt kissing blister and the vain twat.
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