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Welcome to Insult-o-Matic, the website where you come to get the most insulting and offensive comments on earth. We have enough insults, put-downs, come-backs and rants to occupy you for the rest of your life. Be prepared to be severely insulted! Insult-o-Matic is not for the weak at heart, the easily offended, or children. If you fall under this category, please leave now! ...otherwise choose a mode to get started.

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You are a imperialist stinking drunk who wants to be the whoring mule and the flatulating aboriginal abortionist.
Soon you shall be considered a stinking mauled ape who was born to the retarded eunuch and the apish snotbox.
You try to bite the mailman, you airheaded abysmal goat defiler who flies over the cat litter munching Elvis impersonator and the snooty eunuch.
Thou art a skanky lewd nutbrain who slobbers on the disease ridden rectum and the sick minded gang banger.
Thou art a oozing arrogant cow who is the child of the the racist quack and the sweaty skunk.
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