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Size (small average large)
By: Zack
Posted on: Tue, July 13 2004 - 2:13 pm

The typical teenage mind tends to veer toward sexual tendencies. The mere insinuation of size suggests the penis.  So today's spotlight is luminating the jewel of jewels, the big kahuna, the man-sized manicotti (in some cases), our all-time favorite limb: the schlonge.

Sure, it's a touchy subject, but I live for the akward.  We're not going to dwell on the minute details of the international 'love stick'; particular size, shape, texture... those are small potatoes.  We're going to discuss the 'magical motion meat' on a world wide scale.

  Different countries and different cultures have distinctively different prick statuses.  For example, one would probably hypothesize that due to the extreme cold conditions of Northern Alaska, the constant shrinkage factor is an important contribution to be recognized when considering the national 'pecker' length average of the given region.   Britain, due to their poor supply of water, probably harbors great numbers of abnormal shapes, sizes and even colors.  Japan and their ridiculous cultures sometimes involve the religious or ritualistic removal of the 'precious penetrator' resulting in a national shortage of 'joy sticks'.   These are a mere few examples of the character of the testicular tool on an international level.

The beauty, the pride and the pleasure; I give you the wonderful, mysterious, unexplainable fetes of the 'dick'.

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