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Kansas is a vast wasteland full of morons.
By: Raven
Posted on: Tue, August 30 2005 - 8:54 pm

I have to be live in this horrible place because the cheapest university in the world is in Emporia, Kansas. This morning the whole sociology class came unglued at me for suggesting that creationism is not a legitamate science. One out of every two people in this town looks mentally retarded, and the whole town is full of toadstools and stray dogs. The primary industry is butchery of animals, which are killed and disjointed by a large smokestack industry using illegal aliens from Mexico for cheap-ass wages, typical for the cheap-ass piece of shit town it is. It's too bad the hurricane stopped so far south, this place could have used a good rinsing out. What's a liberal witchy bisexual to do in the Land of the Dead? Write this kind of stuff, I guess.

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