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Women - The Truth
By: Nice Guy
Posted on: Tue, July 13 2004 - 2:13 pm

This guide is divided into two parts.��The first part is a Chickese -> English dictionary. ��The second part contains some observations and conclusions I have made regarding the female species.

Part One

Chickese in green English in black

"I don't want to go out with you because I don't want to fuck up our friendship."
"I think you are a really great guy, but you are ugly. By the way, you just fucked up our friendship so never talk to me again."

"I want a nice guy."
"I want a guy who is an asshole to everybody but me."

"You're such an asshole."
"I want to fuck you."

"There aren't any nice guys."
"There aren't any cute nice guys."

Part Two

The reason women like assholes more than nice guys is because they will always have a reason to break up with an asshole.��And women are always complaining that men are afraid of commitment.��Damn hypocrites.��News flash ladies, the guys most afraid of commitment are the assholes that treat you like shit.

Women always bitch about how men are pigs and assholes and that there are no nice guys.��Guess what.��The guys you bitch to but would never date ARE nice guys, so give them a fucking chance.

Women are always bitching about how guys only notice how a girl looks and treat them as sex objects.�� First of all, I haven't met one girl who didn't care what a guy looked like.��And second, it takes two to tango, girls.��If you don't want to be treated like a sex object, don't make yourself one.��Wait for a guy that actually cares about more than your body.��I assure you, there are many out there.

Reader Feedback:

From: matt
Subject: yep
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2002 16:56:11 -0500

All these things you say about women are true my friend. I've seen it repeated time and time again and it makes me want to go punch all those stupid pieces of meat right in the fucking chops. I've been busting my ass in a very serious college, forging a future for myself and making my life as fulfilling as possible yet I've been single since my freshmen year in high school. I'm not even ugly and I'm missing out on this magical element of growing up that for some reason only the stupidest motherfuckers are entitled to. I just don't understand but I hope you continue to develop your web site because it sheds light on some very true and interesting characteristics of the fucked up female psyche. I think that especially in our country, where mass media has brainwashed the youth, there are social dynamics that must be broken down for fostering more mature and meaningful relationships. By the way, could you post this please? I want all the dumb cunts out there to read it and shapen up a little bit.

-Nice Guy

From: Christopher
Subject: Women
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 19:43:15 -0500

You hit the nail right on the head, brother. My friends and I surveyed a number of women, at random, asking about the guys they were dating or had just broken up with. THE STORY WAS ALWAYS THE SAME!!! The guy treated them like shit, but she "loves him". I feel your pain. Some of us aren't ass holes, but we're also not "exciting". Exciting is getting loaded every night, going to clubs where there's no way of carrying on a conversation, getting into fights, talking about the most mundane topics, etc. Men who have futures and even semi-intellectual interests are a drag. Who wants to be with someone who has a future. Women live for the now then whine and moan when their live fall apart 5 years down the road because the "exciting" guy has left her and her three kids behind so that he can take a vacation in the local prison. I guess women get off on that. Stupid creatures.


Date: 8/28/2004 05:06:08 -0700 From: HEATHER <meansquirrel101@*****.com>
Subject: Women-the truth All headers

To All The "Nice Guys" Who Love To Bash Women On This Site:

I read the nasty things you wrote about "cunts" who hurt your feelings by rejecting you for good looking assholes, and all I have to say is you people are morons. First of all, if you were nice, you wouldn't be referring to women as cunts, so stop thinking that you're being rejected for that reason. Alot of ugly guys who are nice and confident get pretty nice chicks, which never happens to ugly women. It's only ugly jerks like yourselves and nice guys who don't respect themselves that never score. Secondly men have been rejecting nice girls forever because most guys are assholes that only want good looking women, no matter how little they have going on upstairs or how cruel they are. Most women are also assholes, rejecting geeky gods for hot bastards (which is a big mistake in my opinion). Both sexes are guilty of being supperficial, but guys expect girls to be nicer so we get more heat for it. In the end there are only a handful of nice guys (and you aren't them) and a handful of nice girls and they'll probably never find each other because they're all out looking for good looking assholes to bring a little passion into their otherwise dreary lives. Yes, women crave to be swept up by a dashing hero,but guys crave to be done dirty by a hot, slutty skank, too. We're all guilty. Stop complaining about hot chicks who treat you like dirt and start dating a geeky kind woman who will treat you like a king.

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