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The Big Cheese
By: Tino
Posted on: Thu, August 12 2004 - 6:46 pm

Cheese for linguists.. big cheese! add a cheese of your own!
The big cheese will triumph in the end. The big cheese always wins.
# Language I am the big cheese Source
1 Australian I'm the humungous cheddar, mate! wolfmoon at
2 Bosnian Ja sam veliki sir.
3 Bulgarian . (Az sam goliamo sirene.) vihren at
4 Croatian Ja sam velik sir executive.manager at
5 Czech Ja jsem velky syr.
6 Danish Jeg er den store ost.
7 Dutch Ik ben de grote kaas.
8 Estonian Ma olen suur juust.
9 Faeroe Islands Eg eri tann stri osturinn.
10 Finnish Minun suuri juustoa.
11 French Je suis le grand fromage. alsogut at
12 German Ich bin der grosse Kse. alsogut at
13 German (Swiss dialect) i bi de gross chaes free_appenzell at
14 Greek Eimai o makro tyri.
15 Hebrew Ani gvina gdola. jero15 at
16 Hindi Mai bahut lumba paneer huu. chiklet at
17 Hungarian n vagyok a nagy sajt. jsiehler at
18 Icelandic Eg er stri osturinn.
19 Indonesian Saya keju besar.
20 Italian Sono il grande formaggio.
21 Japanese watashi wa ooki no chizu desu. millers at
22 Latin Magnus caseus sum. iddu at
23 Lithuanian As esu didelis suris.
24 Macedonian Ja sum golem sir executive.manager at
25 Monegasque Se granne fromage da. Micalucci at
26 Navajo Begashi bebajh ntilcga entistah.
27 Nepali Ma thulo chirpi ho
28 Norwegian Jeg er den store ost.
29 Papiamento Ami ta e keshi grandi afriend988 at
30 Pig Latin I-hey am-hey e-they ig-bey eese-chey. rowland at
31 Polish Jestem duzy ser.
32 Portuguese Eu sou o queijo grande. novo at
33 Puichua uca jatun uumi. feinberg at
34 Russian Ya - bolshoi sir. novns at
35 Scottish Gaelic Tha mi a ceasg mhor chalupka at
36 Serbian Ja sam veliki sir executive.manager at
37 Slovak Ja som ten velky syr.
38 Slovenian Jaz sem velik sir. sash24 at
39 Spanish Yo soy el gran queso.
40 Swedish Jag r den stora osten.
41 Turkish Ben buyuk peynirim
42 Ukrainian Ya velykyy' syr.
43 Urdu May Bara Cheese hoo. syra123 at

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