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Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong
By: Tino
Posted on: Tue, July 13 2004 - 2:10 pm

Supermodel Suzy Smith went through a terrifying ordeal while undergoing plastic surgery last week at Jiffy-Boob. According to inside sources, the supermodel was hideously deformed due to a glitch in Jiffy-Boob's mainframe computer system. The Plebius Press has obtained photographs of the model.

Supermodel Suzy Smith
Supermodel Suzy Smith after the accident
A spokesgoblin for Jiffy-Boob stated that they are "very sorry" for what happened and have offered to fix the mistake as soon as they can schedule another appointment with the model. When asked how such a thing could have happened, the spokesgoblin declined comment.

A spokesgoblin for Suzy Smith stated that "we are working with Jiffy-Boob to resolve this situation and hope to have Suzy fixed up in time for next month's roondaboot match against supermodel Lazy Lulu".

Jiffy-Boob also assured us that this was an isolated incident and the you need not worry about going to them for all your plastic surgery needs.

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