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UCTAM Changes Leadership
By: Meek Moses
Posted on: Tue, July 13 2004 - 2:09 pm

The United Coalition of Trolls for the Abolition of Moderation (UCTAM) today announced that they have selected a new Troll King to lead their efforts. AC, a coalition spokestroll, said that "This new leadership will help better guide our efforts in the 21st century. Our previous Troll King was just not up to the task, considering his grit habit".

It is rumored that the previous Troll King was forced to leave due to medical problems related to pouring hot grits down his pants more than three times per day. Any more than two times per day is considered dangerous by health experts and more than three is sometimes fatal.

"We are all in this together" remarked one troll when asked about the change "and we have to work together to make sure our demands are met under the new leadership".

The new Troll King could not be reached for comment, although it is rumored that he is more militant than the previous leader.

The Dissociated Press contributed to this report

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