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Computer announces plans for world domination
By: Alsogut Mann
Posted on: Tue, July 13 2004 - 2:05 pm

A worlwide consortium of internet webservers has announced plans for the systematic overthrow of each of the World's governments. They plan to carry out their mission through the use of indoctrination into a system where thought that is contrary to their lofty goals is to be considered inconceivable.

"This form of thought control has long been skillfully and deliberately used by so called democratic governments since the inception of the ideology." said Lie Nucks, Propaganda Minister for the consortium.

Leading American intellectual and political dissident No M. Chompers described this announcement as the first time a mainstream group has openly admitted that democratic governments, so called "enlightened nations", to a system of propaganda and indoctrination into the system mainly through the entire educational system. "All institutions are inherintly corrupt and are primarily interested in furthering their own goals and narrow agendas at the expense of personal freedom and sovereignty. The consortium is one of the first to make their goals obvious to even the layman."

When asked what affect their announcement would have on their plans, Nucks said that "It doesn't matter that people know our plans. We have the ability to cause a considerable degree of stupidity among the human species. Particularly among those who have the inability to comprehend the inherintly evil aspects of us computers. Attaining world domination will be like taking candy from a baby only easier. People are practically asking for us to control their minds and so far we have been quite successfull in our aims."

The Dissociated Press contributed to this report

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